Joe Andrews is home. He has a follow-up appointment on August 15.
Richard Baggett will have surgery August 28 at UMC in Lubbock.
Glenda Carter is improving.
Gary Kidd remains in Hobbs Healthcare.

Walker Reese’s cancer has returned. He will be traveling to Cayman Islands for an experimental treatment.

Lupe Trinidad is waiting for a kidney transplant.

Continue Your Prayers For:  Magdalena Acevedo, Don Andrews, Gary Kidd, Katie Bond,  Chris Olivas, Lupe Trinidad, Kathi Lovejoy, Josh Link,  Isaac Luna.

Please Remember Our Military Who Are Defending Our Freedom: Colby Cook, Billy Van Curen, Nick Hartman, Beau James, Scott Mauldin, Cabel McDonald, Josh Faith, Marvin Powell.

In Special Care Facilities Lovington: Skeet Blanton, Loraine Cross, Josie VanCuren.

In Special Care Facilities Hobbs: Helen & Frances Henard, Gary Kidd

Shut-in At Home: Larry Arthur, Richard & Pat Baggett, Mary Castro, Charlotte Lynch, Letha Ritchey, Betty Stewart